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Raspberry Lemonade loose leaf tea blend

Raspberry Lemonade loose leaf tea blend

This lightly caffeinated herbal tea is perfect for sipping on a bright sunny day or as a pick-me-up in the afternoon. The slightly fruity combination of raspberry and lemon creates a deliciously tangy and sweet flavor that is simply irresistible. For an extra refreshing experience, try brewing this blend iced and add a slice of lemon for that extra zing. Whether enjoyed hot or cold, our Raspberry Lemonade loose-leaf tea blend is a must-have for any tea lover.


Gunpowder green tea and hibiscus add free radical-fighting antioxidants, which help to combat inflammation as well. Lightly caffeinated, a cup of this blend only adds approximately 6mg of caffeine per serving. 


Ingredients: Red raspberry leaf, lemon grass, lemon balm, hibiscus, gunpowder green tea (all organic ingredients)


Allergen warning: hibiscus is intercropped with peanuts 


Thoughtfully blended by hand in Wooster

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