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Foxglove Flower Essence

Foxglove Flower Essence

Flower essences are a form of vibrational medicine, working on the principle that every living organism carries its own energetic signature. Just as each flower has its own unique beauty and fragrance, it also possesses its own distinct vibrational imprint. When we ingest or apply a flower essence, we are attuning ourselves to the energetic blueprint of the flower, allowing its healing essence to resonate within us.


Foxglove flower essences are designed to restore balance and harmony in body, mind, and spirit. They gently address the underlying energetic imbalances that may contribute to physical ailments, emotional disturbances, or spiritual disharmony. By working on an energetic level, these essences can help release emotional blockages, promote self-awareness, and support personal growth and transformation.


 Add a few drops to your favorite beverage, take them sublingually, or apply topically to pulse points. Foxglove essences work on matters of the heart, such as sadness or grief. 


Flower essences gives us a safe way to work with foxglove, which is toxic in its undiluted form. Please note that this is highly diluted, do not ingest foxglove otherwise. 


This is a 1 ounce stock bottle, which can be diluted further by dropping 6-7 drops into a dosage bottle full of filtered water. 



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