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What To Expect During an Herbal Consultation

Before we discuss what happens during an herbal consultation, here's the disclaimer:

I am an herbalist, not a licensed medical professional. The information provided in my consultation is intended to support your overall health and wellness and is not intended to replace medical advice or treatment. It is important to work with your primary healthcare provider and to inform them of any herbs or supplements you are taking. Herbs may have side effects, cause individual sensitivities, or interact with medications, and it is important to discuss these risks with your healthcare provider. I do not prescribe, diagnose, or treat any condition nor do I make any guarantees about outcome, as everybody and every body is different. It is your duty to take responsibility over your own health and to research any recommendations given to you.

Now that we have the legalese out of the way, we can discuss what to expect.

During an herbal consultation, I engage in a comprehensive and personalized conversation with a client to understand their health concerns, goals, and overall well-being.

The first step would be to click the tab and select either a 30 or 60 minute consultation. Most clients select 30 minutes for their first consult, unless they feel that they have a lot of concerns to discuss. Once an appointment time is checked out, I email a detailed client intake form to be completed ahead of the appointment. Ideally, this form would be returned to me a few days ahead of the appointment slot, which would give me time to review your health history.

During the consultation, I begin by asking the client about their current health concerns, medical history, lifestyle, and any specific symptoms they are experiencing. This information helps me gain a holistic understanding of the client's health and potential underlying factors.

I then delve deeper into the client's symptoms, asking questions to gather details about the nature, duration, triggers, and intensity of the issues. This helps me identify patterns and possible root causes.

During the consultation, I inquire about the client's daily routines, stress levels, sleep patterns, exercise habits, and dietary choices. Lifestyle factors play a crucial role in herbal recommendations. Stress and diet are huge pieces of the wellness puzzle, and most people struggle with these.

We would then discuss the client's health goals and what they hope to achieve through herbal support. This could include alleviating specific symptoms, improving overall well-being, or addressing underlying imbalances.

Based on the information gathered, I suggest specific herbs and herbal preparations that are well-suited to the client's needs. These recommendations could include herbal teas, tinctures, capsules, essential oils, or topical applications. I try to keep my protocol fairly simple, as that will further set the client up for long term success. Herbs can be purchased through me, or I will recommend reputable sources.

I discuss potential interactions between herbal remedies and any medications the client is currently taking. Safety is a priority, and adjustments may be made to the recommendations to avoid adverse effects.

I also provide detailed instructions on how to use the recommended herbs, including dosages, frequency, and timing. I also offer guidance on how to prepare herbal remedies at home.

This one is key- I educate the client about the properties and actions of the chosen herbs, empowering them to make informed decisions about their health. I also provide general wellness tips and lifestyle suggestions. It is important to me that you, the client, know why I am suggesting a specific herb. It is my goal that you gain enough understanding that you won't need me forever.

A follow up call or email is made 7 days after the protocol is started. We want to make sure that the herbs are being well-tolerated and the protocol is easy to follow. We would make adjustments if any are needed. I follow up 30 days after the protocol is started as well, to check on progress.

Throughout the consultation, I encourage open communication and address any questions or concerns the client may have. The client's active participation in the process is valued and important. I can be reached for questions or concerns at any point during the protocol, not just at the specific check-in points.

Detailed notes are taken during the consultation to document the client's health history, symptoms, and herbal recommendations. This information helps track progress and informs future consultations. Notes are also taken at follow up points as well. Although I am not legally bound by HIPAA, I am trained in HIPAA compliance and I follow it strictly. I take your privacy very seriously.

The goal is to provide personalized guidance and support for the client's journey toward improved well-being using natural and holistic methods.

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